Worker's Comp Cases: 3 Ways to Help Cut Fees and Get the Legal Help You Need

Posted on: 14 December 2016

One of the biggest issues that arises with a worker's comp case is money. When you are out of work and struggling to get the compensation that you deserve, it can be very challenging to spend any type of extra money on different services and extra things. When you are getting legal help for your worker's comp, it's important to understand the extra costs that can come along with this. This will help you manage the extra amounts that you have to pay and allow you to get the full benefits of services without paying anything out of pocket. By breaking down the different costs, you will know what to expect and have the ability to take full advantage of legal services.

Contingency Fees

As you seek legal help for a worker's comp case, one of the main things you will deal with are contingency fees. For someone out of work, these fees are a lot easier to deal with and will take nothing out of your own pocket. A contingency fee is essentially a set amount that the lawyer will get of the settlement that is reached. For example, if your worker's comp settlement has a back-pay settlement of $30,000, and the lawyer's fee is 20 percent, then your lawyer will get $6,000 of that while you receive the remaining $24,000.

These fees only apply if the lawyer reaches a settlement in the case. This means that if you lose your worker's comp case, you will not owe the lawyer anything for their services. This helps the lawyers work hard for their money and ensures that they will pay attention to your case so that they can make a salary by getting your case through the system and reaching a settlement that you deserve. According to your initial agreement, you will be presented with the percentage amount and fees associated with your personal case.

Extra Costs

While you are moving forward with a worker's compensation case, there are many extra costs and things that you will need to pay for. If you are currently out of work, it can be extremely hard to pay for these various items and still live your day-to-day life. This is why many worker's comp lawyers will absorb those costs into your case and then take them out once a settlement is reached.

Examples of various costs includes the fees paid to obtain copies of medical records. If you're out of work for injury-related reasons, then a lawyer may need to pay to access x-rays, hospital records, and other digital files. This is essential to building your case and proving that the injuries exist and have been confirmed by medical professionals. Along with getting medical records, you may need to have more examinations done by independent doctors and specialists. If your insurance doesn't cover the full amount of these costs, then the lawyer can help pay for these costs and add them to the end of your settlement case. This will help make a huge difference and allow you to have the best case possible.

Free Consultations

Making the first steps to seek legal help can be hard and challenging. If you are seeking legal help, it's good to know that many lawyers will offer a free consultation before an actual case begins. During this consultation, you will have the ability to see how the case can play out and understand all of the different legal obstacles that are involved. During these consultations, you will meet face to face with members of the legal team and can have a majority of your questions answered.

Contact a lawyer, such as one from Shaw Leslie Law Office, to get started on your worker's comp case as soon as possible. This can help you avoid any deadlines or issues that may arise.


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