7 Immediate Symptoms Of Birth Injury Every New Parent Must Know

Posted on: 11 March 2017

Welcoming a new baby is one of the most exciting times in your life and you expect that child to be taken care of particularly well and carefully throughout the birth. Unfortunately, of every 1,000 births that occur in the United States, between six and eight of those births will include a birth injury. This can be a new parent's worst fear and you should be able to recognize some of the symptoms even if the medical personnel around you does not let you know. Here are seven of the most common immediate symptoms of birth injury.

1. Lethargy - The baby is not alert or responsive, is not crying, and is not moving. This can be a sign that severe damage to the brain has occurred during birth. This can be from trauma caused by improper delivery and handling, or it can also be related to lack of oxygen flow to the brain. 

2. Drooling - Drooling, which may or may not be accompanied by lethargy or lack of reflexes and response, can sometimes be a sign of injury during delivery. Newborn babies do not tend to drool immediately after they are delivered unless something is wrong. 

3. Discolored Skin - Discolored skin in certain areas can indicate bruised or damaged tissue on your baby's body. However, full-body discoloration, such as dull gray skin, can mean that your child is not getting enough oxygen after an injury. 

4. Vomiting - Vomiting, and vomiting accompanied by seizures, are signs of traumatic brain injury. If your baby is vomiting or seizing almost immediately after birth, it could be caused by an injury. 

5. Unable to Eat - If your baby is unable to suck immediately after birth, there is definitely something wrong. This is one skill babies are born with and not eating can be caused by a whole list of traumatic injuries to the face, mouth, neck, spinal cord, or brain. 

6. Inability to Breathe - Some babies are born with poorly developed lungs or fluid in their respiratory system that will require assistance with intubation. However, if there is no logical explanation for your baby's inability to breathe, there could be an injury at play. 

7. Back Arching - When a baby arches their back immediately after birth, it may be a sign of an impending seizure. If the back arching is accompanied by screaming or grunting, your baby may be in severe pain because of an injury. 

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