4 Indications Of Nursing Home Abuse

Posted on: 17 April 2018

One thing you may dread doing is putting your loved one in a nursing home facility. However, if this individual can no longer provide self-care, this may be necessary. It's important to check on your loved one routinely to ensure there isn't any type of abuse occurring. Being aware of specific signs that could indicate this is possible may be helpful to you.

Indication #1: Bedsores

It's up to the nursing home staff to ensure your loved one gets in and out of bed on a daily basis. The sheets should be changed to provide the healthiest type of sleeping environment.

Failure to do this could lead to bedsores occurring and this is one thing you can spot when you visit this person as you should. These could get severe over time and lead to a lot of skin problems. 

Indication #2: Lethargic

If you continually notice your loved one acting sluggish all the time, this could be due to being over medicated.  The care provider could have given your loved one too much medication to avoid dealing with this person, and this is known as abuse.

Indication #3: Preferring isolation

One of the signs of either physical or sexual abuse is if your loved one wants to be alone a great deal of the time. This could be an indication that this individual is afraid of the person that works at the facility. It's essential for any older person to socialize with others on a daily basis.

Indication #4: Unexplained cuts

It can be hard to see your loved one enduring any type of cut or scratches that you think were intentionally done. If you see this, you should do a thorough investigation to find out what caused this to occur, such as a fall or the possibility of nursing home abuse.

There's a good chance a person at the facility caused this intentionally, and you'll want to put a stop to this action. It's essential to remove this individual from the facility as soon as possible to avoid worse things occurring.

Taking care of a person that you love will mean keeping a constant watch on the well-being of this individual that may be in a nursing home. If you do think any abuse has occurred, it's ideal to take legal action. Be sure to work closely with a personal injury attorney in your area to assist you today.


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