Slip & Fall Accidents: 3 Ways to Identify Slippery Liquids That Caused the Accident

Posted on: 21 November 2016

Slip and fall accidents are prevalent in the U.S. While some slip and fall accidents will only result in minor bruising or a bit of pain, 1 in 5 slip and fall accidents can cause serious injuries like broken bones or even a head injury. If you sustained a severe injury, you are entitled to sue for compensation from the party responsible for causing the accident. This is especially true if you slipped on an unknown liquid substance.
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What Factors Must Be Present to Win a Slip-and-Fall Lawsuit?

Posted on: 18 November 2016

The term "slip and fall" refers to a branch of personal-injury law that handles cases of injuries that result from slipping on floors. If you were walking inside or outside of a business and fell to the ground because of something slippery, you might be able to sue the owner of the business for this. Slip-and-fall cases can be tricky in some situations, but you may be able to win your case if the following factors are present.
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Strengthening Your Car-Accident Injury Case: 3 Road Conditions to Photograph for Evidence

Posted on: 16 November 2016

Upon getting into a car accident, your taking photographs and collecting evidence that is needed to prove your claims can be very helpful in the event that you decide to file a legal suit for compensation or in the event that you have to defend yourself from a legal suit filed by other parties involved. On top of taking photographs of your car and the other cars involved in the accident, you should also take several photographs of the road and the conditions that resulted in the accident.
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Expectation Vs. Reality: Will Your Personal Injury Case Turn Out How You Expect?

Posted on: 7 November 2016

Lawsuits commonly hit the press when they have unusual circumstances or millions of dollars in settlement amounts. However, most personal injury cases are never featured in the news, and these can be unremarkable in situation and ruling. Strange cases are great for public interest, but they can also skew some people's expectations for their own personal injury cases. Sometimes, the expectation will be different from the reality.  Expectation: I can get millions from just a small accident.
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